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Insulating Firebrick, Inc. offers a complete line of high temperature insulating firebrick.  Our quality products meet or exceed industry standards at COMPETITIVE MARKET PRICES.

Our insulating firebricks are used in most areas of the refractory process including:

  • Glass, Steel, Aluminum
  • Petroleum
  • Mineral Processing
  • HPI
  • Power Generation

  • ISO Certified - Our insulating firebricks are certified.
  • Quality - Each production lot is evaluated by an independent laboratory prior to shipment.
  • Precise Dimensions - Our insulating firebricks are made within tolerance for fast and efficient installation.
  • Stock Availability - We stock most grades and straights in our CLAYSBURG, PA FACILITY.
  • Emergency Service - We are fully equipped to provide machining services for emergency orders.

    Insulating Firebrick, Inc.

    Phone:  (724) 282-1012